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About Us


Founded in 1988, Comprehensive Nursing Services provides quality in-home care to pediatric patients throughout the Baltimore metropolitan community. Our dedicated nurses and physical therapists are specifically trained to deliver uncompromising care in the comfort of our patient's homes.
For over 34 years, Comprehensive Nursing has continued to provide services to our patients, some with us from childhood to adulthood. Our commitment to care is reflected in our community's reputation.
In 2011, Comprehensive Nursing Services launched a new division- Comprehensive Home Health Services, which provides in-home intermittent maternal/newborn and pediatric care.
Comprehensive Home Health Services is the only specialty home health agency in the Baltimore metropolitan area. We partner with obstetricians and pediatricians to deliver quality in-home care to at-risk mothers, newborns, and children. 
Traditional home health services patients of all ages with all medical conditions. Comprehensive Nursing Services and Comprehensive Home Health Services do one thing and do it better than anyone else- maternal, newborn, and pediatric care. From conception to age 21, WE ARE SPECIALISTS.

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