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Private Duty RN's & LPN's Needed

What is private duty?

Private duty nursing allows medically fragile patients to receive skilled nursing care in a comfortable and familiar setting, such as their home. Private duty nurses provide long-term, hourly nursing care and are qualified and skilled in managing medical technology and any equipment necessary to the patient. These patients have the ability to have nurses in their home for up to 24 hours a day. Nurses provide one-on-one care that is tailored to the patient's distinctive health challenges. Our patients typically require some or all of the following: ventilator care, g-tube care and feeding, tracheostomy care, and/or any other special equipment or necessary equipment. Private duty nurses take care of patients of all ages from pediatric to adult. 

Our intermittent visit nurses are responsible for new mother and babies within 24-48 hours of discharge, post NICU discharge, monitoring weight & feeding, answer newborn care questions, pediatric intermittent visit care from birth to age 21, complex wound care, & more. 

Maternal Newborn, Pediatric, & Adult Wound Care RN's Needed

Physical Therapist's Needed

Provide in-home Physical Therapy for adult or pediatric patients with debility and weakness, status-post orthopedic surgeries, mobility issues, & more. 

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